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12/31/1969 19:00:00 - ZX/KZ mashup
on board: Craigslist
Someone put some effort into this one for sure. Do...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - '81 CSR "Garage build"
on board: Craigslist
I kinda like this one!

12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: '79 Kz650 C3 with parts
on board: FSBO
Ummmmm, Taylor... Sorry to hear, but understand. <...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - '79 Kz650 C3 with parts
on board: FSBO
Hey guys

unfortunately its time t...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: Did I go too far?
on board: Re-Builds
Haha, yeah and its a wonder at my age that Im stil...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: Lower Fork Bolt Gasket?
on board: Chassis, Suspension & Wheels
The same part number was used on a whole bunch of ...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: Tires we run on the 650
on board: KZ650 FAQs
Actually, when new the CB500 had pretty competent ...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: The Restoration of Suzie a 1982 GS750E
on board: Suzuki
Time is getting closer Rick, I plan to mount the e...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: Z1-R Cafe Racer Rebuild from 1978
on board: Kawasaki (Non-KZ650)
Fabulous job, Mark, and an EXCELLENT writeup and p...
12/31/1969 19:00:00 - Re: Forgot my password...
on board: Chit Chat (Non-Bike Related)
Yep Rick... in the same boat. Just trying to slow ...

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B1 Green's 1977 (K)Z650-B1
1977 (K)Z650-B1

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Chosen most popular colour. Green.


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